The Crossings at Morgantown will provide independent living, assisted living and memory care services in Morgantown, WV. A new 175 unit senior living facility with 84 units of independent living, 59 units of assisted living, and 32 secured units of memory care will be located on an 8.9 acre site on Point Marion Road near The Pines Country Club. The Morgantown area is heavily influenced by a large medical community and the presence of West Virginia University, the largest university in the state with an undergraduate enrollment of approximately 22,600 students. The Facility will offer spacious living quarters across all levels of care.

The Crossings at Morgantown, Morgantown, West Virginia

Morgantown is well-differentiated both demographically and economically from the rest of the state. These differences can be attributable to the unique structure of Morgantown’s local economy centered around the health care and education industries, both of which provide high-paying careers. Out of the largest employers in the area, the top five are health care or education-related.

The Facility will benefit from being in close proximity to three hospitals: Ruby Memorial Hospital (514 beds), Mon General Hospital (189 beds) and the HealthSouth MountainView Regional Rehabilitation Center (96 beds). All three facilities are within four miles of the site. Both Ruby Memorial Hospital and Mon General Hospital have recently or are currently engaging in expansion and renovation projects, an indication of the growing health care needs of the community. Morgantown is clearly a regional medical hub for northern West Virginia, as indicated by the large distances from which the hospitals draw patients shown in the exhibits on pages 38-40. The Facility will have a wide draw area as a result of Morgantown’s role as a medical hub for the surrounding areas.

The Facility will be managed by Harmony Senior Services, LLC, which has an excellent record of providing superior senior living management services. Harmony currently manages ten Smith/Packett developed or acquired facilities, with more in the final stages of development and construction.

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